In short

i-d-e-e (italiano–digitale–edizioni-edilingua*) is the first didactical platform created especially and only for people who teach and study Italian. i-d-e-e is a blending apprehending environment (or hybrid), that is it puts together the use of paper material and lessons in the classroom with a series of tools and digital didactical material online.
Actually, i-d-e-e is a multi-platform because it mixes in one environment a lot of didactical technologies for teachers and students.
The i-d-e-e item is to improve the lesson in the classroom. Indeed, from one side it allows you to save time (thanks to the automatic corrections of the tests and the exercises), which you can use differently in the classroom, for example doing cooperative and orals activities. On the other side, students are motivated and involved thanks to a series of new and easy tools to be used, which encourage and stimulate communication and creativity to make the study efficient.
Schools and teachers of Italian can have free access to the platform and use all the tools at their disposal. The students can have access to i-d-e-e thanks to a personal code which they will find inside their book, obviously Edilingua's book. Or the students and the school for them can buy online access time to the materials and tools of i-d-e-e. *Edilingua Edizioni who created and realized the i-d-e-e platform is a worldwide leader editor house in the area of Italian as a foreign/second language.