for Teachers

We actually believe that the opposite is true! When you correct exercises in class, you only get a very vague idea of your students' strengths and weaknesses, given that you can only listen to the answers of one or two students for each question. However, with i-d-e-e, exercises can be automatically corrected, meaning that, as well as saving a great deal of time, teachers and schools can find out exactly what marks each student has achieved and the percentage of correct answers for each unit, exercise and grammar point. In the same way, teachers and schools can also identify exactly which errors students have made, which is not possible when correcting exercises in class. i-d-e-e contains information and statistics (known as “learning analytics”), which allow teachers to compare their own class with other classes around the world.

i-d-e-e was devised to be a flexible, hybrid system. On one hand, it can be used as the main platform and Learning Management System for your school, regardless of the size of the school or the number of students. However, it can also be used alongside and independently of other platforms. If the institution where you work uses another system, you can still use one of the interactive Exercise Books or some of the numerous educational materials available on i-d-e-e. The virtual classes created on i-d-e-e, the results (including those for the tests and interactive games) will still be automatically stored in the virtual Gradebook. This information can be imported and saved, so that it the teacher can continue to use it. i-d-e-e is a multi-platform: it combines educational and digital resources that are not found anywhere else. If this is not enough to persuade your school or institution to start using i-d-e-e, perhaps you could put them in contact with us. Maybe we could convince them!